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Tour Information

To visits Giardino dell’Impossibile it is necessary to book a ticket for the guided tours (using the ticketing tool on our web site or directly on site). Visits are organized from May to November, everyday except for Sundays in the morning in italian or english speaking and in the afternoon only in italian speaking.

Visits are only possible by guided tour in a limited number. A guide will lead visitors to the fruition of the garden starting from a meeting point by the relax area.

It is recommended to arrive on place not later than 15 minutes before the time of the visit in order to facilitate the procedure of bookings check.

The visit lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The garden is almost completely accessible by wheelchairs carefully paying attention to protuding roots, stones, low-hanging branches or other obstructions.

Covid-19 emergency measures

Bring your mask with you (and gloves eventually).

At the entrance our guides will ask for your Super Greenpass or equivalent certificate and will inform you about health and hygiene measures to follow during the visit: always wear the mask and keep the minimum distance of 1 mt between you and other people. In the restoration area you can find hand sanitizer dispensers (gloves can be useful if you use toilets).

Before booking

We inform you that we can’t guarantee the possibility to buy your ticket directly at the box office.
Purchasing on site is possible only in case of remaining slots from the online booking service.

You can buy tickets until 60 minutes before the time of the visit. It is possible to purchase through the major credit or pre-payed cards (Amex, Visa, Mastercard). When you buy a ticket it is requested to select a date that is the only day you can use your ticket. We suggest to pay attention during the booking process. Tickets can’t be refund, but it is possible to reschedule the visit.

For people with disabilities (severe invalidity >75%) and their caregiver it is possible to purchase the ticket on site (€10 each). Giardino dell’Impossibile doesn’t provide a service of wheelchairs rent.

Kids up to the age of 11 and their caregiver must be specifically indicated during booking process.

English language tours are scheduled only on morning shifts.

At Giardino dell’Impossibile

Save the order summary that you’ll receive by mail: you must show it at the entrance by hard copy or through your smartphone or tablet.

We can’t guarantee a steady phone and wi-fi coverage, so we suggest to download the order summary on your devices.

Whenever possible, the visit is guaranteed even in case of light rain.

In order to respect and preserve the beauty and the cleanliness of the garden, we remind you that it is strictly forbidden to cause damages to the flora (removing leaves, flowers or sprigs) and fauna, to bring food inside the garden or separate from the group during the visit.

Dogs are admitted as long as on a leash (max. 1,5 mt long) and equipped with bags for droppings.

At the entrance you can find a parking area for bicycles and mopeds, in addiction to a parking area for cars.

Inside the garden there’s a covered relax area, equipped with lounges and a restoration area (with vending machines).

Fares table

With the fee paid by each visitor , the owners of Giardino dell’Impossibile provide for its own maintenance and valorization.

Individual ticket

15,00 €

Accompanied kids up to 11 years


FAI/APGI days/journalists/etc.
(The members must show the membership card or a currently valid registration card to the professional association)

10,00 €

People with disabilities (severe invalidity >75%)
+ caregiver (purchase of the ticket on site)

10,00 € cad.

Tickets can’t be refund, cancellation aren’t admitted but it is possible to reschedule the visit without penalty.

alcuna penale.

Covid-19 emergency

We’d like to warn you that if it wouldn’t be possible to organize visits due to restriction dictated by emergency measures, the visitors (or the group of visitors) who have already bought tickets can ask for a refund or a coupon to book another visit online for another possible day and time.

Where to find us

Il Giardino dell’Impossibile is located in Favignana, one of the islands of Egadi archipelago, in the province of Trapani, on Strada Comunale Corso, 10.

The estate isn’t served by public transport: once on the island it is possible to reach the garden only by your own or rented vehicles.

Organized groups and travel agencies

In this tab you can send your request to book a visit for organized groups, travel agencies, senior centers or schoolchildrens (min. 10 people).
Organized groups can visit the garden during the whole opening period booking a guided tour. The garden is open for school guided tours also on April and May.

Important: it is recommended to book through the form below, you’ll be contacted by our staff as soon as possible.

Alternatively, it is possible to make contact through the dedicated phone numbers: +39 380 1527808, +39 0923921501.