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Villa Margherita Boutique Houses

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Immersive botanical experience

A dream from the 60s that brought a maze made of rocks and lush nature to life. This unique place is enriched by statues and cuniculi, bodies of water and built-into some historical quarries of calcarenite.

Villa Margherita estate is a complex of little equipped houses immersed into Giardino dell’Impossibile. Located in the middle of the rural areas of the island of Favignana, the Mediterranean air freshen the atmosphere.
Tourism becomes green
Giardino dell’Impossibile covers about 40 thousand mq of land, half of which is located under the street level. This botanical garden hosts almost 500 species of plant from all over the world, all incorporated in a colorful blend of garden design and environmental requalification. The garden has been created by a woman, Maria Gabriella. She went against all the opponents who considered impossible to make any flower bloom in these barren lands.

Villa Margherita

Different independent houses surrounded by nature, between relax areas, a pool and fountains hidden into the maze of the enchanted lanes of Giardino dell’Impossibile.






Garden in numbers
Il Giardino dell’Impossibile is a wide garden whose morphology is so unusual to make it scenically as enchanting as unique
Innermost and collected
The Mediterranean garden hosts almost 500 species of plants spread over a 4 acres area.
Quarries of calcarenite
Its major characteristic consists in the vegetation ability of deeping into the hypogeum spaces of some ancient quarries of calcarenite among those that inhabit the islan. 

Different botanical


Square meters
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Giardino dell’Impossibile

Visits are organized with audio guide in morning and afternoon shifts, from 15 April to 31 October, every day from Monday to Saturday.

Each visit lasts about 1 hour and a half.

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Villa Margherita boutique houses

The estate includes Villa Margherita, a complex of independent houses located into the heart of Giardino dell’Impossibile.
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+39 331 4601817 (Booking)
+39 0923 921501 (Reception)


Strada Comunale Corso n. 10
91023 Favignana (TP)